PneumaticPlus SAD400 Compressed Air Particualte and Coalescing Filters Alternative Auto Drain Package (Inside Float Drain)


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When draining manually, push one contact becoming upward. Set up: 1) Drop Drain Kits into bowl in place. 2) Set up and tighten nut firmly with wrench. Use care to keep away from stripping the plastic threads on the drain. three) Filter should be put in in vertical, downstream place for correct operate. That is the Inside Float-Operated Drain Valves that are a common alternative for many Producer’s Filter/Separator Housings float sort drain. (Please test diameter of outlet) A Usually Open drain is Automated and closed when pressurized, which operates when the float rises as a result of collected liquid, discharging condensate and particles from inside the filter bowl. Additionally operates when the air-line is depressurized, for instance on the finish of a shift. When the system is pressurized, it’s going to stay closed however the drain could also be operated manually by push the becoming upwardReplacement Automated Float Drain Package for SAF, SAU, SAW, SAM, SAMG, SAFL, SAMD’s 4000 & 6000 Collection
Inside Auto Drain, additionally operates as Guide Drain.
Appropriate w/ PneumaticPlus SAF4000M-N04B (ASIN: B005JDL2T6), SAW4000M-N04BG (ASIN: B005JDKYMC), SAW4000M-N04BG-MEP (ASIN: B005JHHRXM), SAU4000M-N04G (ASIN: B005JHP4DC) & ANY PneumaticPlus 4000 or 400 Collection Filter
Simple to put in! Contains O-Ring & Lock Nut.
Manufacturerd In Korea