POWERTEC 70193 Screw Finish Fast Coupler, Four”


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The POWERTEC Four-Inch Screw Finish Fast Coupler supplies a fast, straightforward and tight-fitting connection between a Four-Inch mud port/becoming (nominal Four” O.D.) and Four-Inch versatile hose. The threaded Four-Inch finish screws firmly into your versatile hose, thus supplying an hermetic friction match. The Four-Inch finish is barely tapered, offering comfortable press-on match to your Four-Inch port. This important gadget expands the flexibility and effectivity of your mud assortment system, and it does so immediately and precisely. Straightforward to make use of, ultra-convenient, sturdy and reliable, the POWERTEC Four-Inch by Four-Inch Screw Finish Fast Coupler helps to make sure that your mud assortment operates at peak effectivity and efficiency – it supplies the proper match each time!Offers fast and simple connections between nominal Four-Inch O.D. ports and Four-Inch versatile hoses
Threaded finish screws tightly into versatile hose
Tapered finish provides press-on attachment
Ensures hermetic connections in your dust-collection system community
Robust, sturdy ABS plastic materials