Ridgid VF5000 – Three-Layer Pleated Paper Vacuum Filter

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The RIDGID VF5000 Three-layer Pleated Vacuum Filter is designed to tackle positive particles with its double-pleated design. Simply filter sawdust, grime from basement or storage, drywall mud, cement mud, chilly ashes from fireplaces or grills, and positive powders similar to flour, talcum, and chalk. The three-layer filter materials is 99% environment friendly all the way down to 1 micron to make sure a nicely carried out cleanup. A better floor space is used to withstand clogging and set up is made straightforward with the QwikLock expertise and built-in filter plate. Simply reuse this filter by cleansing it with water. Use this filter together with your favourite 5-20 gallon RIDGID moist/dry vacuum or 6-9 gallon HUSKY vacuums.One genuine OEM RIDGID Three-layer filter (OEM Real Ridgid Product)
Matches all 5-20 gallon RIDGID vacuums
Get rid of positive mud, grime, sawdust, chilly ashes, positive powders
Wash and reuse with water
QwikLock expertise for simple filter altering